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Stars and Stripes

“Stars and Stripes” What you need: Grand staff chart, star sprinkles What you do: Ask student to put sprinkles on all the “Ds” on the staff, etc. Switch roles and let her be the teacher.

Eye-Hand-Brain Scramble

What you need:    The worksheet below, a tabletop, and a family member. First run-through: Tap the appropriate hand(s)  (left, right, together) while singing the prompts. Second run-through:  Tap the appropriate hand(s) while singing the A-B-C song! Practice smooth wrist action (flop n’ drop) and fingertip playing while you are performing the run-throughs. Have fun, and […]


My York County, Virginia studio services students from across the Peninsula, Southside, and Isle of Wight County. I employ a classical, traditional approach for students of all ages, beginner to early advanced, with exposure to all genres of music, including classical, jazz, popular, and other areas of interest, including church music accompaniment style. A strong […]

Spell It!

What you need: A list of words using only the letters of the musical alphabet (these can be found in Theory and Notespeller activity pages, or ask Mrs. Noble for a list), two players, a piano What you do:  Take turns challenging each other to spell words on the list, for example: 1. Ask your partner […]


What you need: two people, a piano and 2 percussion instruments What you do: one person claps (or taps on instrument) a 4-beat rhythm pattern. The other player mimics the pattern. Continue making the pattern more difficult until the other player is “stumped.” Play the same game, making up melody patterns on the piano. Twist:  take turns being […]


What you need: A piano and two people, one who can play a bass blues riff (pattern), and one who can play blues scales in C, F, and G. What you do:  The “bass” player plays a 5th, 6th, 7th, 6th swing pattern in the following 12-bar blues structure: (key of C) C C C C […]

Meet Me in the Middle

What you need:  Two buttons, almonds, tiddlywinks, etc. for markers. Slips of paper with the following labels: half step, whole step, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, octave. Leave two slips blank. Make two copies of each slip. What you do:  This is a game for two players. One player places his marker on the lowest “A” […]

Musical Glasses

What you need: Five kitchen glasses, table knife, tap water (parents will need to help young children–we don’t want broken glass!) What you do:  Fill each glass with varying amounts of water until you have a “penta-scale” (5 finger scale, as in C-D-E-F-G). The more water in the glass, the lower the pitch. Experiment with water […]

Musical Memory

What you need:  3 x 5 cards; lesson or theory book as reference What you do:  This game is played like the traditional “Memory” game, so you will need at least one other family member to play with you.  Cut eight 3 x 5 cards in half. Draw symbols, various note values, or musical terms […]

Rhythm Trains

What you need: 4 x 6 cards, pencils What you do: Draw any combination of notes equaling 4 beats on a card. Each card represents one measure. Put together 4 measures (“train cars”).  Clap and count.  Mix up the order of the cards, and try again! Now, add a caboose.  Draw a repeat sign and place […]