Rhythm Trains

What you need: 4 x 6 cards, pencils

What you do: Draw any combination of notes equaling 4 beats on a card. Each card represents one measure. Put together 4 measures (“train cars”).  Clap and count.  Mix up the order of the cards, and try again!

Now, add a caboose.  Draw a repeat sign and place it at the end of the train.

Put an engine at the beginning of the train. Draw a treble clef on one card, and a bass clef on another card.  If you use the treble clef, turn all the stems of your train cards up, and tap the floor or an instrument with your right hand! If you use the bass clef,  turn the stems down and tap with your left hand.

After you have played several times, try using BOTH treble and bass clefs. Place the bass clef under the treble clef. Arrange the “train cars” to the right of either clef, making sure stems are turned the right way! Tap with the correct hand, depending which clef you are reading.

All aboard for fun!  Count this game as practice time.